Martins Heron Station

At the EBCA meeting on Tuesday 24th May 2016 it was decided to discontinue EBCA. This website has now closed.

East Bracknell Community Action was a community led problem solving group focused on identifying and addressing local concerns thereby improving the quality of life for local residents. It covered the Bracknell neighbourhoods of Harmans Water, Martin's Heron, The Warren and The Parks as shown on the map of Harmans Water Ward and also those of Crown Wood and Forest Park. It was previously known as the Harmans Water and The Parks, Martin's Heron and The Warren Neighbourhood Action Group.

We were one of many NAGs around the country made up of volunteer representatives from the community including residents, police, local councillors, community organisations, schools and businesses normally meeting every 8 to 12 weeks. We focussed our work around 3 main priorities identified by the local community. See the Thames Valley Police website for more information about the work of NAGs.

Any enquiries in the area should now be directed to the local councillors, details and contact details can be found on the Bracknell Forest website.